Hey guys! Just a couple things to keep you informed:

  • I got sick BEFORE even going to the con over the weekend, so I am recovering both from the convention and illness. ;_; That’s why it’s been radio silence over here as of late. I even had to miss a day of the convention due to it.
  • The drawing giveaways are still being worked on, don’t fret, I haven’t forgotten! It’s being held back by comic page/sickness, and rather than just poop them out I’d rather make them awesome.
  • There will be a CAR this week. That’s my primary focus while I continue to sound/feel like death.
  • if I don’t seem to be responding to asks/e-mails I have probably seen it, I am just busy. ;_; im sry. i’m a bad person.

anyway once I finish off everyone’s requests/comic page I wanna try a new coloring technique with this cuz why not.

6daily drawings, seriously i sound like a 50 year old chain smoker, it's terrible,