is it just me, or does the skeleton thing look like lord marrowgar?


they’re both spooky skeletons shaped vaguely like a tornado, I guess.

one’s more fleshy/organy, and the other screams BONE STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM and could be solo’d by death knights.

patch notes for sketches 2.5

  • added noses
  • removed correct anatomy
  • removed herobrine


bringin’ myself back from my quasi hiatus



So I wanted to answer this one, and I wanted to post it publically because I think a lot of people run into this issue, especially right when they break into the industry. I redacted anything that could remotely hint at what you’re working on. Like some sort of super NDA.

In any case! Like what I mentioned earlier—actually a lot of people go through this. Psychologically, it sounds similar to something I and a couple of my friends went through called Imposter Syndrome. It’s this nagging feeling that you’re a complete and utter fake and you got hired for the task by complete accident, and that it’s only a matter of time before they “find out” and kick you to the curb. Like I mentioned, my first actual art-career job, I suffered from this A LOT and was constantly terrified at work.

Thing is, you will run into tricky stuff during the project, and it will be terrifying, at parts. But at the same time—keep in mind that they hired you for a reason. Generally people don’t just hire SOLELY for your skill (although they do sometimes)—oftentimes you’re hired for your creativity, your problem-solving skills, your charisma. They hired you (or contracted you) because they have faith that you, specifically, could iron out the difficulties and make something awesome. Try to show yourself the same faith.

That’s not the greatest advice in the world though (“hey you’re feeling scared stop being so scared and you’ll feel better”) so here’s some more practical stuff that helped me while I was freaking out:

  • BREATHING EXERCISES. It was taught to my partner in the military, it was taught to me in therapy, and it’s actually pretty good at reducing stress.
  • Get a good playlist of soothing or nostalgic music. When I was freaking out a lot, I listened to nothing but the Legend of Mana soundtrack. It’s both super nostalgic to me and settled me down quite a bit.
  • Be transparent with your clients. Not “HEY I’M MELTING DOWN SEND ME HELP,” but ask for feedback, make sure you’re going in the right direction. I used to call my art director over and just tell him “Hey sorry for calling you over, I just absolutely want to make sure this is what you want. Am I going in the right direction?” You’re often going to find your clients are going to be way more satisfied that you’re taking the effort to figure out their needs.
  • In terms of deadlines — If you’re finding yourself cutting it super close, it might help to schedule out your entire day (including eating, sleeping, etc.). This is more hardcore though. Rather, plan yourself appropriately, and be absolutely transparent with your client. I used to set up google calendar to plan stuff out. And if you get caught on something, move forward. You’ll often find when you go back to a task you had trouble on, you’ll have a better perspective on it.
  • General advice for comicking? Hmm… This is gonna sound incredibly unhelpful, but… Just do it. I find I often spend more time delaying and panicking about a hard task than actually executing it.

Remember — you are an artist. You don’t just have a preset group of skills, you’re not a one-trick pony—you can draw, goddammit! Never drawn a horse before? Fuck it, you’ll learn, grab some reference and do that shit. Never drawn an action sequence? Look at some other comics, try a few practice rounds, then go for it. Feed off of your accomplishments. And remember — you were hired for a reason.

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Hey folks!

One of the reasons I’ve been MIA/busy is… Now that the paperwork’s all in, I’ve been hired as an Environment Artist at EA! I’ll be working with the folks who did Warhammer Online and a dude who helped animate The Iron Giant and doin’ COOL SIMPSON STUFF.

They fully encourage me to work on CAR on my own while I’m employed there, so both sweet job and webcomicking! (Also instead of a 2 hour commute I’ll have more like a 10 minute commute so that frees up more time).

The ONLY thing that may be disruptive is I will be leaving San Francisco to move to Austin, Texas in the latter end of October, so I will likely have to announce a week or two hiatus from drawin’. But I’m excited you guys! CAR! Games! STUFF.

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Chapter 03 - Page 05

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oh god this page is super, duper late. BUT exciting shit happeninnnng

HNNN sorry I need to get better ;_;

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Chapter 03 - Page 05

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If you’re a new reader, you can start from the very beginning here!

oh god this page is super, duper late. BUT exciting shit happeninnnng

HNNN sorry I need to get better ;_;

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As kind of an addition to that previous post, in dealing with manipulative relationships in general (not saying ‘the roomy’ in that situation is necessarily a manipulative ass, he could have done it without really thinking; I don’t know him, its not right for me to comment)…

One thing that helped me in severing toxic relations was to really take a strong step back from the situation and think for a brief moment: what are YOU honestly getting out of the situation or relationship, monetarily, physically, emotionally, or otherwise?

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I'm getting the skeevies. Roomy told me to chat with a friend of his. I do. Apparently he's writing for roomy's comic in exchange for letting friend use a character of his in an unrelated story as a crossover. Show him my art, and he expresses interest in getting me to make a comic out one of his scripts. After he leaves, roomy pulls me aside. Tells me to do the art for his friend for free. Ends with "At least you'll be able to use it in your portfolio." - Don't know what to do here.. (1/2)

(2/2) I’ve known this roomy for 4 years now and consider him a friend. Went to the same college even, and half of his friends circle is made up of fellow artists (though he admits to not being one himself). I was so shocked that he’d ask me to get friendly with someone he knows in order to provide free art for them that I just… my mind went blank. Inadvertently nodded my head and said “uh-huh” in a daze. Feeling conflicted, and don’t know how to deal with this.

If you consider him a friend, then like… I wouldn’t be rude to him or anything. But the important thing for him to remember, and for his friend to remember, is that — in the time you’d be working on THEIR stuff, you could, y’know… make your OWN personal comic and use that for your portfolio. You’d be more invested, and it wouldn’t belong to someone else (so if you wanted to, say, sell it one day, you could).

To go on a bit of a tangent—people can be weird and think they’re the only people with creative, unique ideas, when in reality anyone can fart out a goddamn idea. Ideas and stories are cheap. Being able to tell them is the difficult part. You’ve got a skill, a medium for telling them already — you can draw. Don’t let other people exploit that and diminish your own stories and ideas with theirs.

Okay I guess actual practical advice - you are not under contract, you have literally no obligation to give this guy art, especially if you’re not receiving compensation for it. Give them nothing. If your friend gets mad about it, you can either 1) weasel your way out of it politely if you don’t feel like being confrontational (“Oh, I’m too busy;” “I need to work on other stuff to prep my portfolio;” “I have to find a job, dude;” “I know I said yes at one point, but I don’t really feel comfortable doing this”) or 2) straight confront him with “Dude, you kind of tried to strong arm me into giving away art for free. C’mon man, you should know of all people I need to make a living.”

Either way — if you don’t want to provide them art, don’t do it. You have no obligation legally. The worst thing your roomy can do is get mad at you and maybe say something mean, which sucks, but yeah. Kinda dick move from him in the first place.

Palette #4 of the FallenZephyr’s Palette Challenge

some concept work. ;_; i really like drawing her a lot

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karniz replied to your post: palette #3 of FallenZephyr’s Palette C…

Chapel sends this over to Saulia… she cringes and promptly throws it away. Kehehehe…


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had an idea, decided to do lol palette challenge

this is palette #2, using only those colors (and a multiply layer)

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